Jennifer Kooren

Sealy Cornish Coulthard

200-56 Portland Street
CIBC Building
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 1H2

Direct telephone: 902-466-2500 Ext 111
Fax: 902-463-0500

Jennifer holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Dalhousie University. She practices primarily in the area of family law, and represents clients in cases involving custody, access, support and division of assets. While Jennifer is completing her collaborative training, she uses the alternative dispute resolution training she has already received in her practice as much as possible.

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Some Important Points to Consider:

  • The Participation Agreement includes a commitment not to begin a court proceeding.

  • Collaborative family law respects relationships.

  • Collaborative family law safeguards participants’ privacy, because proceedings are not public record.

  • Collaborative family law gives participants control over the pace of their process.

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