Peter D. Crowther

Boyne Clarke LLP


Metropolitan Place, Suite 600
99 Wyse Road
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 3Z5

Phone: 902-460-3456
Fax: 902-463-7500

In his twenty years of practice, Peter has observed how the emotional toil of trying to get through a divorce or other family law matters can fatigue and depress even the strongest of individuals. “I appreciate how the complexities of the law and legal procedures can be overwhelming for my clients,” says Peter.

Provided with the proper tools and practical guidance, Peter has found that most situations are resolvable with a fair outcome for both parties. He uses his experience and a thorough knowledge of the law to keep an objective focus on the important issues and guides his clients through an often emotionally chaotic and confusing situation.

Peter encourages his clients to take a step back and look at the big picture when deciding how to approach their family law issues. With his help, Peter’s clients get the resolution they are seeking.

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Some Important Points to Consider:

  • The Participation Agreement includes a commitment not to begin a court proceeding.

  • Collaborative family law respects relationships.

  • Collaborative family law safeguards participants’ privacy, because proceedings are not public record.

  • Collaborative family law gives participants control over the pace of their process.

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