David St. Clair Bond

David Bond Law Office

5832 St. Margaret’s Bay Road
Head of St. Margaret’s Bay, NS B3Z 2E4

Phone: 902- 858-3066
Fax: 902-820-3957
Email: dbond@davidbondlaw.com
Website: www.davidbondlaw.com

David has been practising collaborative family law since 2002. He recognizes the considerable benefit to the parties in reaching an agreement to their mutual satisfaction outside the Court process. Although David practises in Hubbards, he is available to assist clients throughout the western portion of HRM.”

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Some Important Points to Consider:

  • The Participation Agreement includes a commitment not to begin a court proceeding.

  • Collaborative family law respects relationships.

  • Collaborative family law safeguards participants’ privacy, because proceedings are not public record.

  • Collaborative family law gives participants control over the pace of their process.

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